November 30, 2020

USA Immigration – Non Immigrant Visa Types

People from abroad who wish to enter US must obtain a visa. A visa does not guarantee a person to enter the United States. But it determines the eligibility of the individual to seek entry in to the United States. The entry of the individual into US will be decided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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There are two types of visas that are classified into Immigrant Visa and Non- immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are used by people who wish to travel to live permanently in US. Non- immigrant visas are issued to people who wish to travel to US on a temporary basis for business or pleasure.

Getting non- immigrant visas

Non – immigrant visas are given to international travelers who seek to enter the United States for temporary period of time. The international travelers visit US for various reasons which includes tourism, business, pleasure and medical treatment and other reasons for temporary visit. The type of the visa needed by the person is defined by the Immigration law based on the purpose of the visit to United States. It is required by the applicants non-immigrants to decide what type of visa they will need in order to travel to United States and prepare the supporting evidences for the same.

Types of Non – immigrant visas:

• Business or Pleasure Visitors
• Temporary Workers
• Students Attending U.S. Schools
• Exchange Visitors
• Foreign National Entering the U.S. as the Fiance (e) of a U.S. Citizen
• NAFTA Professionals
• K Non-immigrant visas (LIFE Act)
• T Non-immigrant visas (VTVPA)
• V Non-immigrant visas (LIFE ACT)

General Requirements:

Non-immigrants who seek to enter United States on a temporary basis must abide with the immigration requirements provide by the Immigration law such as

• the visit to United States must be temporary
• the applicant must leave United States at the end of the authorized stay
• the non-immigrant must be holding a valid passport
• residence in the non-immigrant’s country must be maintained by the applicant
• must show proof of financial support
• the applicant must be admissible. If inadmissible then must obtain a waiver for any ground of inadmissibility
• must abide by the Immigration rules of admission to US.


As a visa does not guarantee a person to enter United States, it allows the person to travel and request permission to enter United States at the port of entry. At the port of entry, the inspectors of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will decide if the person is allowed to enter US. If the person is allowed to enter US he is provided with a form I94 (Arrival and Departure record) by the inspector of DHS. In this card, in many case the departure date will be recorded by the inspector of DHS. This is the date when the non- immigrant must leave US after his temporary stay. This form I94 is a important document attached to the passport, which provides permission to the non- immigrant to stay in US.

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